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The picturesque view of La Montagna tells so much into the planning that has gone into this development. From the arrangement of the houses to where the playgrounds and the other open spaces are provided for, this is the place you would want to call home. There are lots of amenities here to give you a comfortable living without the need to look for comfort and luxury elsewhere. 

Security is the first item on the agenda when looking for a place for you and your family to settle in. Generally, Barangay Bagumbayan is one of the safest areas you can live in. This is because the municipality of Teresa has put in place security measures all round to guarantee residents here the best life can offer. Even with this, Camella put in place a second layer of security around this community just to give residents here additional assurance of safety. The large imposing gate which is strong in structure and well manned will give you that sense of privacy. There is also a perimeter wall that has electric fencing mounted on top to prevent intruders jumping in from other areas. 

The playground is one other conspicuous and expansive area. When Camella was planning the 40 hectares of land, they set aside a good chunk of that for the playground. The reason behind this is that the developer values active life and harmonious community living. Through the playground, children can have fun together and get to know each other. Since these are the future of La Montagna, growing together creates an inseparable bond that allows them to collaborate on many other areas as they grow up. Families can also enjoy quality time in picnics with their children and other families. 

The well-designed and manicured landscapes are planted with a variety of flowering plants some indigenous while others brought in from other areas. These flowers beautify this area and makes it heavenly. As you walk around to see the various plants blossoming at different times and stages, it teaches you critical lessons to life as well. The refreshing scent from the different flowers and leafy greens brings you closer to nature and inspires you to a fresh start to each day. 

There is a basketball court strategically positioned to be accessed by all from the community. The clear markings, quality materials used, and the standard sizing tells you of the seriousness Camella has in outdoor sports. If you want to practice as part of professional development, you are free to do so right here. On the other hand, if you want to have fun, the outdoor court is also available to all.

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